Are Simply Asia Meals Balanced?

In staying true to the value of balance in the Thai culture, at Simply Asia we pride ourselves on nourishing ingredients to create a variety of fresh, well-balanced meals from scratch.

Is Simply Asia Food Hot?

You can choose between a Standard, Medium, or Hot chilli level for almost any dish on the menu, or if you prefer, no chilli at all. With sweet, salty, spicy, bitter and hot being the five main tastes in Thai food, there are also many no-chilli flavour options to Thai food. Did you know that the spiciness of a Thai chilli can vary from time to time? This happens depending on changes in season, and the size and ripeness of the chilli.

Is Simply Asia Preservative-Free?

We’re all about keeping it real, and since you won’t find preservatives, or colourants in local Thai cuisine, you can be sure there’s none in ours. We do not add MSG to any of our dishes.

Does Simply Asia Have Vegetarian Options?

Since meat was not always a necessary part of the Thai diet, many traditional vegetarian dishes have been developed over the years, using the finest herbs and spices to create flavourful meat-free dishes. With this in mind, our vegetarian options include delicious, nutritious stir-fries and curries with Tofu as a meat alternative.

Tofu is derived from soy bean curd, and is a healthy, low-fat cheese and meat substitute found in many Asian dishes.


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