We’re Thinking Thai

And the winner is…

Last night, we met at the new-look Simply Asia store in Durbanville, Cape Town to announce which blogger won the trip for two to Thailand. We had our three Cape Town based bloggers as guests of honour, with Mike Sharman joining in spirit (and as a rather nifty printed-out head on a stick). Nash and … Continued

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Save The Date

Sawasdee, We hope you have enjoyed the campaign as much as we and our bloggers have so far, and as we reach the business end, we come down to well… business… and the all important announcement of the winner of our Think Thai campaign! We are pleased to announce that we now have an official … Continued

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Any Coffee to Finish Off the Meal?

Sawasdee! There is a certain special fullness one feels after a good meal – the perfect balance between satisfaction and happiness. And as we wind down towards the end of our time together, it’s time to look back on all the good times we shared. Much like a great meal, we’ve had a range of … Continued

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Think Thai Banquet 4: A Mad Hatter’s Thai Party

Robyn Hobson, our final #ThinkThai blogger, brought much needed poise to our Thai Banquets. An actress, model and digital diva by trade, Robyn made sure her banquet embodied the elegance of Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady (cleaned up version) combined with the ridiculousness of Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter by having her very own Mad … Continued

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Think Thai Banquet 3: Mike Sharman and his Lumo Luminaries

If you follow Mike Sharman online, you may know he’s not the most conventional guy around. He’s just a little bit left of centre, and you know what – we like that about him. Where others zig, Mike zags. Where angels are gnawing on their knuckles, genuinely fearful to tread – Mike is clomping around … Continued

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Think Thai Banquet 2: The Streets of Bangkok

    #ThinkThai from Motion City Films on Vimeo. The streets of Bangkok are paved with adventure. The air is hot and thick and fluorescent lights flicker on and off all night long. Throngs of people jostle each other on sticky pavements while street vendors screech on every street corner. The city is alive and … Continued

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Think Thai Banquet 1: Angel brings Thailand to Cape Town

Picture the scene – it’s dark and cold. The stars twinkle bitterly in the night sky as you wind your way through labyrinthine back-alleys with no moon to light your way. The hot smell of diesel fumes is all around you and all you hear is your feet crunching against the asphalt. As you round … Continued

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Keeping up with the Twitterati

Sawasdee! It’s been a busy week in Internetland and we’ve had our four bloggers doing their best to Think Thai. Last week, we saw Bangers and Nash and Angel Campey holding special pre-event evenings for their Thai banquets. Well done to both of them for taking the initiative! The resident party boy, Mr Nash, held … Continued

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Out of the wok and into the fire

Sawasdee! We’re glad to report that everything is running smoothly and we have four Thai banquets coming that will redefine fun, food and friends. Our bloggers have been battling each other (in a friendly fashion) over the past week or so and the competition is really heating up. And remember, if you’re in the mood … Continued

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Songkran in Thailand

Sawasdee! We’re thinking thai and to encourage you to join, here’s a little help… Usually falling in the middle of April every year, Songkran is the celebration of Thai New Year. And while it originally took place as a solemn remembrance of the year past, complete with water to wash away the sins of the … Continued

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