Simply Asia Franchising

Simply Asia Franchising

Member Status

Simply Asia is a full member of the Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA).

The Franchise Philosophy

Simply Asia prides itself on the following tenets:

  • Mutually beneficial relationships
  • Adherence to high standards of operational excellence
  • Networkwide consistency
  • Simplicity and authenticity
  • Maintenance of brand integrity
  • Ongoing support and cooperation
  • Shared values – mutual respect, trust and business passion

The Business Format

At Simply Asia we have adopted a mono-brand multi-product strategy: one brand with a defined set of values and a defined personality with an offering of two concepts within our brand. Both brand concepts are under the umbrella that promises to deliver the “Simply Asia experience.”

Sit-down Restaurants
Simply Asia sit-down restaurants offer a unique and genuine Thai dining experience. The layout allows seating for up to 80 people in a modern, yet casual atmosphere. By providing a Thai chef to every outlet, we have created a franchise which guarantees the quality of our food  remains consistent no matter which store our customers visit. Size:120 – 140sqm. Standalone restaurants with dedicated seating and service personal.


Express Stores
Simply Asia express stores are small, quick service, take-away style outlets ideally suited to fit into shopping centre food courts or high traffic locations. Cleverly designed, the layout allows the customer to enjoy the Thai chef creating their food in our theatre style kitchen. Size: 40 – 60sqm. Typically in shopping centre food courts with access to communcal seating.


Ideal Store Location

Sites that are situated in high traffic, high visibility areas are optimal. Ample parking and good access points are essential. The demographic profile would mirror that of our target market.

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