And the winner is…

Last night, we met at the new-look Simply Asia store in Durbanville, Cape Town to announce which blogger won the trip for two to Thailand. We had our three Cape Town based bloggers as guests of honour, with Mike Sharman joining in spirit (and as a rather nifty printed-out head on a stick). Nash and Natalie, Robyn and Dave and Angel and Siv were treated with the best Thai hospitality as we got together, celebrated and looked back on the Think Thai campaign.

From Mike’s Lumo insanity, Robyn’s Mad-Hatter’s Thai Party through to Nash’s Thai Street bash (complete with floating Thai lanterns) and Angel’s Celeb-studded (Muay)-Thai extravaganza – we have been on a wild, exciting and entertaining ride with all our bloggers. This campaign would not have been as successful as it has been if it weren’t for all of their hard work, passion and energy and for that we thank them all. For the long hours they’ve spent producing really great content for Simply Asia and having great fun along the way we can say nothing but kob kun mak. It is their passion that has made this campaign such a success.

As much as we would have loved to send everyone to Thailand, we had to make a very tough decision. It was not taken lightly, and we only came to it after much deliberation. In the end, it came down to two of our bloggers – Nash and Angel. Based on our scoring system, we had to come out with a winner and in the end it was none other than the effusive Angel Campey. Her passion, energy, enthusiasm and obvious love for the Thai culture are second to none and we feel she embodies the Simply Asia brand perfectly. She’s light and refreshing and most of all – she’s spicy and goes perfectly with noodles.

Together with our bloggers and you, their readers, we proved that here in South Africa, we can think different… we can Think Thai. We showed that there is a lighter, healthier and tastier alternative to traditional fast foods and we showed that with the right people, a brand like Simply Asia can make real ripples in the social media pool.

To continue following Angel’s Thai adventure be sure to check in every now and again, when we will be announcing the dates of her trip. You can be assured that with her and Siv trundling through Thailand they will have some great stories and experiences to share with us, with a fair share of laughs along the way.

But for you, as a reader and a loyal customer, it’s not over just yet! You still have a chance to win a trip of your own to Thailand. All you need to do is order any main meal at a Simply Asia restaurant, fill out a form and put it in the box and you could be on your way to the holiday of a lifetime.

Again, a huge thank you to all our bloggers from everyone involved in the campaign. Please take a bow.

It’s time to Think Thai for a change. It’s time to think Simply Asia.

(More pics to follow)


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