Any Coffee to Finish Off the Meal?


There is a certain special fullness one feels after a good meal – the perfect balance between satisfaction and happiness. And as we wind down towards the end of our time together, it’s time to look back on all the good times we shared. Much like a great meal, we’ve had a range of different dishes and now it’s time to end off with a bang. So, pull up a chair and get your espresso ready – this meal isn’t done yet!

We’ve had four very different bloggers providing us with four very different experiences and its up to you as the reader to help us decide which blogger you think should win the trip to Thailand.

We kicked off with Angel, providing us with a spicy starter, which was by no means less substantial than any of our other courses. She invited a group of her famous friends including the likes of Soli Philander, Marc Lottering and Conrad Jantjes to an evening of Muay Thai, feasting and partying at The Dragon Room in Cape Town.

To see more of Angel’s evening, click here to catch up on what she and her famous friends got up to!

Bangers And Nash was next up, providing a much-needed alcoholic beverage to our dinner. He invited a group of his closest friends for a Thai street style evening in Cape Town’s back roads. With a special Asian-inspired cocktail bar and authentic Siamese Fighting Fish, Nash’s Thai Banquet was rough and ready to go, just like the man himself.

If you want a recap of what Dan and his madcap bunch of crazies got up to, take a look here.

‘Mystery’ Mike Sharman impressed us next. He was the solid main course, giving us a lumo-inspired Thai-themed engagement party for him and his bride-to-be, Kim Schulze. Mike’s party was held in Jo’burg, with guests instructed to wear Thai-inspired clothes, lumo colours or nothing at all. With 5FM DJ Rob Vember on the decks after the meal, his party captured the craziness of a true Thai night out.

For a recap of Mike’s Thai Banquet, click here – just make sure you’re wearing something lumo, or Mike will find you!

Finishing off our meal was Robyn Hobson. She was the perfect, sweet ending to a great series of banquets, holding her Thai banquet at the original Simply Asia in Heritage Square, Cape Town. Her Thai Night Market inspired Mad Hatters banquet went perfectly, despite her worries during the process! Each table was strewn with all the bric-a-brac and high-end knockoffs you can expect from a true Thai Market and her guests had a ball.

To see who won the prizes for best male and female hat – click here.

But we’re not done yet. There are still some serious prizes to be won! If we’re reaching the end of our meal now, think of these as the after-dinner mints. We still need to decide which blogger will win the trip to Thailand and most importantly for you as a reader – we still need to award the public winner of the trip to Thailand. It’s up to you to support your favourite blogger of the bunch and help them win the trip. If you’d like a chance to win a trip to Thailand too, all you need to do is order a main meal at any Simply Asia restaurant, fill in the form and put it in the box. You won’t find an easier overseas trip to be won anywhere, so order your favourite number (504 is great by the way) and get entering!

To see which blogger has won the grand prize of an all-expenses paid trip to Thailand, check back next week to see how we are choosing our winner, how you can get involved to support your favourite and when it will be announced. Who knows, if you’re lucky enough and you’ve entered the public competition, your name could be up there too…

See you soon!

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