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It’s been a busy week in Internetland and we’ve had our four bloggers doing their best to Think Thai. Last week, we saw Bangers and Nash and Angel Campey holding special pre-event evenings for their Thai banquets. Well done to both of them for taking the initiative!

The resident party boy, Mr Nash, held a food and wine pairing evening at the original Simply Asia outlet in Heritage Square, Cape Town. He used it as a great opportunity to try all our options and see which ones he wanted for his Thai evening. So far, his favourites are the 515, the 614 and the 263. Check them out on our menu here. And don’t be afraid to share your favourite dishes with us too!

You can have a look at Nash’s blog post about his food and wine pairing here.

Angel, in true Angel style, has further shared Boeta the Buddha’s enlightening message with us (that would be #ThinkThai). She bought him here in South Africa (at Woolies) and wants to make his dream come true and send him home to Thailand to visit gran. She organised a comedy show this week where people had the chance to meet him and have some good laughs at the same time.

Boeta also got ring side seats at the Muaythai Fight Night on Saturday and rubbed shoulders with some pretty hardcore athletes, with more than a few starting to Think Thai. There’s nothing better than sharing good times with great people (like DJ Fresh and Quentin Chong, for instance, not to drop any names) and that’s what Simply Asia is all about.

Mike unfortunately, encountered some blog problems with all the traffic generated by the Think Thai campaign. He shared some crazy Thai music videos with us and asked his readers for some suggestions for a playlist. Get on over to his blog to put forward your favourites. Maybe your suggestion could be the song for the first dance at his wedding! Get suggesting!

Robyn is moving gracefully forward with her Thailand Vogue party. She’s perhaps a little bit nervous – so she put together a, Keep Calm and Think Thai poster. This has become our new mantra. To give Robyn some extra support, take a look over here and let her know it’s all going to be okay!

Keep calm and think Thai
Our new mantra

In case you didn’t see the dates of the banquets before, we have now finalised everyone’s party dates. Remember to check back here for all the updates!

Here’s the list:

Angel – 21 May
Nash – 31 May
Sharman – 2 June
Robyn – 18 June

And don’t forget, it’s not just our bloggers who have a chance to win a trip to Thailand. You can too! All you need to do is order one main meal at a Simply Asia restaurant, fill out a form and put it in the box. It’s that easy!

Think Thai. Think Simply Asia.

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