Out of the wok and into the fire


We’re glad to report that everything is running smoothly and we have four Thai banquets coming that will redefine fun, food and friends. Our bloggers have been battling each other (in a friendly fashion) over the past week or so and the competition is really heating up.

And remember, if you’re in the mood for a fiery 305 or a slightly more relaxed 401 – all of our bloggers are giving away Simply Asia vouchers. Who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Or dinner?

@bangersandnash has been moving forward with his Greatest Thai Dinner EVER. He recently received the shipment of beer for his party, which led to a rather triumphant Instagram post. Turned out, the Singah shipment was for taste teasers for Nash’s inner circle who will get to witness the Greatest Thai Dinner EVER… on the 31st of May.

His community of fans has been great in suggesting how he can create the best night ever, and we can’t wait to see where it ends up!

Check out more of Nash’s journey here.

Getting a bit thirsty?


We are very pleased to announce that Robyn’s cactus (Harold) is still going strong. If you remember, we gave her one because she had mentioned on her blog she could never keep them alive. Robyn, we wish you the best of luck!

Her Thailand Vogue party is coming together very nicely. We’re thinking Thai (of course), but we’re also thinking swanky red carpet full-on glitter and glam! And while we’re at it – if anyone has a toy tiger they could lend Robyn for her party (on the 18th of June),  she would be very grateful!

Check out Robyn on twitter here – @robynhobson and have a look at her website here.

Will this be the venue for Thailand Vogue? Maybe…


The Mystery Man Mike Sharman has revealed a little more of his cunning plan. With his Thighland Thursday party to be held on the 1st of June, he is aiming to win the trip for him and his fiancée, as a bonus honeymoon. Every girl likes a resourceful romantic man – good move, Mike! He has asked his readers to ‘Get Lumo’ for a Thai half-moon party. With someone as crazy as Mike at the helm, we can only imagine what his readers will come up with.

Tiger growl…


He’s promised buckets of energy drinks, lumo paint and fire poi. Hang on to your eyebrows folks, this is going to get interesting!

For more of Mike’s antics, follow him on twitter here: @mikesharman or check out his blog here.

And finishing up the post, the excitable and effervescent Angel. She’s been going all out and as we said before, her party is going to be a Muay Thai extravaganza to be held next Monday, the 21st of May. The New Moon Party in Cape Phangnan is going to be as dangerous as our hottest curry and just as exciting. She’s even had support from her old Muay Thai school in Thailand.

Angel’s Muay Thai school in Thailand


Angel has also stepped up her cause by pledging to send Boeta the Buddah to Thailand  (as part of her unwavering support of World Peace). This weekend, he traveled to Jo’burg with her roommate Siv to spread the #ThinkThai word. See Boeta catching the Gautrain here.

To follow Angel, look at her twitter account here: @YesReallyAngel and her blog over here.

You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get all the updates on what our bloggers are doing. And remember: You and a friend could win a trip to Thailand. All you need to do is order one main meal at a Simply Asia restaurant, fill out an entry card and put it in the competition box in store. It could not be easier. Click here to find out where your nearest Simply Asia is.

There’s never been a better time to Think Thai.

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