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We hope you have enjoyed the campaign as much as we and our bloggers have so far, and as we reach the business end, we come down to well… business… and the all important announcement of the winner of our Think Thai campaign!

We are pleased to announce that we now have an official date for the unveiling of the winner. On 17 July, we will be announcing which blogger rocked our socks off, pickled our ginger, stir-fried our fish sauce and chopped our chillies.

But our decision is not yet set in stone and anything is still possible. We will be judging the winner across a range of criteria including: How well their banquet (and personality) fit the Simply Asia brand, how creatively they used the resources available to them, the quality of their content and of course how much online buzz they created.

As a regular blog reader, you will know how much you are invested in your favourite blogger. You read their posts, follow their lives and share their content with your friends. And now is a great chance to help your favourite blogger win something as reward for all the long hours they’ve put in. By commenting, tweeting and facebooking about your favourite blogger, you can help contribute to the online buzz component of their bid to win the trip to Thailand.

To vote directly for your favourite blogger on Facebook, click here and have your say in our poll.

If you’re more of a Twitter person, all you need to do is let us know by tweeting which blogger you think should win and using the hashtag #vote(blogger twitter handle – without the @ of course). The more tweets we see and the more support that is drummed up, the higher the chances of your blogger winning the trip to Thailand.

Will it be Awesome Angel, Naughty Nash, Mystery Mike or Ravishing Robyn?

And if you still haven’t heard, we have to remind you of your opportunity to win a trip to Thailand as well. All you need to do is order a main meal at any Simply Asia outlet, fill out a form and put it in the box. It couldn’t be simpler. And remember: If you don’t enter – you can’t win! Our instore competition closes on 31 July so be sure to visit your nearest and dearest Simply Asia outlet before then.

Don’t forget – 17 July is the big day when we announce the winner and it’s up to you to help your favourite blogger!

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have a Prawn Phad Thai waiting…

See you soon!


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