Songkran in Thailand


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Usually falling in the middle of April every year, Songkran is the celebration of Thai New Year. And while it originally took place as a solemn remembrance of the year past, complete with water to wash away the sins of the prior year, it has changed just a little bit in the intervening years. In true Thai fashion, this has become nothing short of one of the biggest parties of the year.

The water is still there, for sure, but it’s now being used in a totally different way. Songkran is one of the world’s biggest water fights. All across the country, locals and some of the more adventurous travellers prepare themselves for the fight of their lives, stocking up on water pistols and preparing for the battles to come. The jury is still out as to whether being entirely drenched with water is better at washing away your sins, but it seems to work either way.

Even the elephants get involved.


Just before the battle begins, water pistols and super soakers are on sale across the country and if you think it will all be over in just a few hours, you should pace yourself – Songkran lasts three days! Some of the best places to take part in the festivities are Chiang Mai, Bangkok and holiday destinations like Ko Samui and Phuket.

If you’re going to enter the battle, just remember to wear dark clothes, because as we all know – light-coloured clothes can become somewhat transparent when wet.

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