Think Thai Banquet 2: The Streets of Bangkok



#ThinkThai from Motion City Films on Vimeo.

The streets of Bangkok are paved with adventure. The air is hot and thick and fluorescent lights flicker on and off all night long. Throngs of people jostle each other on sticky pavements while street vendors screech on every street corner. The city is alive and throbbing and the scintillating scent of danger wafts through on playful breezes.

Our man Daniel Nash is no stranger to adventure. And if you’re a regular reader of his blog, you will know that Dan Nash, while a perfect scholar and a gentleman also has somewhat of a wild side. It is this side that he brought out for his Think Thai banquet, which rocked the city of Cape Town just last night.

Striding down the street, his guests were greeted with a single paper lantern, lighting the way to a night that highlighted the more gritty side of Thailand. Showcasing the rich history of street theatre, adventures around every corner and just the right amount of danger, Dan’s night captured Thailand perfectly.

Two masseuses treated the guests to a little relaxation as they came into the venue, something that was much needed given how the night would turn out. The Siamese fighting fish flicking their tails restlessly against the vases in which they were swimming was a portent of things to come.

But an authentic Thai street party is not complete without the right ne’er-do-wells to turn a relaxed evening into a proper blowout and Dan invited some of Cape Town’s hardest partying Twitterati to do just that, including:

Rudi Cronje: @rudi_cronje

Richard Dimblebee: @WeeRickyDee

Angie: @Stellllaaaaaaaa 

Dan Nash: @bangersandnash

Natalie Roos: @natalieroos

Rick Bosch: @rickbosch

Dani Wiredon: @daniwiredon

Helen Raine: @HelenRaine

Paul Snodgrass: @snoddie

David Wibberley: @bordeauxboy

Manuela Gray: @manuelagray

Kelly Scott: @missjellykelly

Richard Mellon: @richdotmellon

Jordan @JordanLSKY

David and Liz @RAMfest

Terrance and Anita


The evening kicked off with Thai inspired cocktails – including the Asian Cosmopolitan, a Peach and Elderflower Mojito and a secret drink known only as ‘The Asian Persuasion.’ As the music got louder and the drinks flowed faster, everything became a blur of good times and excitement. Flames flared outside as our Thai chefs cooked up a meal fit for a king (and a fair few queens too). Dan’s menu began with Chicken Satay in Peanut Sauce (104) and Duck, Vegetable and Chicken Spring Rolls with Sweet Corn Cakes served with Sweet Plum and Sweet Chilli Sauce (113). This was followed by Duck in Flavoured Soy Sauce (261), Roasted Chilli Paste and Cashew Nut Chicken Noodles (514), Prawn Phad Thai (602) and Exotic Yellow Noodles (524). And to end it all off, Thai Angels (911) – Crispy pastry triangles filled with rice, melted chocolate and finely chopped cashew nuts. Served with ice cream.

But don’t think a Thai feast would slow down Dan and his merry bunch. He had a ping pong table set up for impromptu challenges (of which there were many). There was also a Think Thai photo booth, which saw some ridiculous pictures go down – don’t worry everyone, your pictures are safe with us…

And if that wasn’t enough, Dan organised Thai sky lanterns, such as those seen at the Yi Peng festival in Chiang Mai for each of his guests. Using waxed rice paper and a thin frame; these lanterns float up into the air with nothing more than a candle, acting like mini hot air balloons. In the end, it was a fitting and peaceful close to a night that incorporated all the drama, adventure and danger of a true Thai street scene.

So, Bangers and Nash is thinking Thai. Are you?

And don’t forget, it’s not just our bloggers who have a chance to win a trip to Thailand. You can too! All you need to do is order one main meal at a Simply Asia restaurant, fill out a form and put it in the box. It’s that easy!

Think Thai. Think Simply Asia.

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