Think Thai Banquet 3: Mike Sharman and his Lumo Luminaries

Sharman Thinks Thai

If you follow Mike Sharman online, you may know he’s not the most conventional guy around. He’s just a little bit left of centre, and you know what – we like that about him. Where others zig, Mike zags. Where angels are gnawing on their knuckles, genuinely fearful to tread – Mike is clomping around with his great big boots. His Thai Banquet was no different. It was everything Mike and everything Kim (they used it partly as an engagement party) and it did not disappoint. From free-flowing drinks, to wondrous food (but you knew that of course) and quite a few sore bodies the day after, Mike’s party was everything Thai and more.

It all started with a mystery – that’s just how Mystery-Mike rolls. Guests were asked to meet at 14:00 in a random parking lot where Mike picked them up in a hybrid South African/Thai Tuk-Tuk – a bejewelled and bedazzled Toyota Tazz. With streamers flying through the air, he escorted them all to the party – and from there, the lumo came out in full force.

Guests were given a strict dress code – Lumo, Thai-inspired, or NOTHING. And while no one went with option three, the lumo inspired décor set the tone for the guests. Mike went all out, with Thai parasols, luminous face paint and luminous f*ck-it buckets (a Thai institution – a small bucket filled with Vodka and RedBull, with two straws to share).

And Mike made sure he had the best guests too. He invited his closest friends to celebrate his engagement, and the guestlist comprised of:

Mike Sharman @MikeSharman

Kim Schulze @KimSchulze

Gia Callinicos @Gianess

Lauren Williamson @lawsiec

Elana Bailey @Elana_Bailey

Rob Vember @Rob_Vember

Greer Bell @thecrazyscott

Jovana Korac @jovanakorac

Kirsty @KirstyStoRAWR

Barry Tuck @BarryTuck

Darrin Thomas @Dazza_J

Nicky James @nickyjamo

Tami White @tamwhite

Shaye and Pete



Monx and Toni




The starters were served around 15:30, with guests sharing the Combo Platter of Vegetable Spring Rolls, Chicken Spring Rolls, Sweet Corn Cakes with Sweet Chilli and Sweet Plum Sauces (113) and the Dim Sum combo (116). After some lumo face-painting and a few Singha beers it was time to hit the main courses. Mike chose the Green Chicken Curry (301), Yellow Noodle with Chicken and Roasted Chilli Paste (514), Prawn and Calamari with Yellow Noodles (607) and Beef with Basil Leaves (303). After a bit of beer pong and a little more music, dancing and carousing – dessert came out. Mike went with the Chocolate Spring Rolls (902), a surefire winner every time!

With Rob Vember from 5fm on the decks, Mike’s party soon took off just like every party in Thailand does. It got loud, it got raucous and everyone had a great time. In the end, Mike proved that with the right friends and the right vibe, you can bring Thailand to Jo’burg – and the easiest way to do that is as simple as ordering Simply Asia.

Mike’s thinking Thai – are you?

And don’t forget, it’s not just our bloggers who have a chance to win a trip to Thailand. You can too! All you need to do is order one main meal at a Simply Asia restaurant, fill out a form and put it in the box. It’s that easy!

Think Thai. Think Simply Asia.

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