Think Thai Banquet 4: A Mad Hatter’s Thai Party

Robyn Hobson, our final #ThinkThai blogger, brought much needed poise to our Thai Banquets. An actress, model and digital diva by trade, Robyn made sure her banquet embodied the elegance of Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady (cleaned up version) combined with the ridiculousness of Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter by having her very own Mad Hatters Thai Party. All her guests were told to bring a silly hat and they did not disappoint. From ridiculous zoo-themed hats to a tres chic creation made of noodles, Robyn’s guests were just the right amount of mad, or shall we say avant guard?

Robyn was inspired by the hustle and bustle of Thai night markets and her décor captured them perfectly. With each table representing a Thai destination, she piled them high with cheap toys, flowers, candles and even had personalised goody bags for each guest. She also designed the menus herself, as well as great placards with witty #ThinkThai messages for her Thai photobooth. The icing on the cake though, was her toilet sign, which read ‘Phi Phi Island’ – we see what you did there Robs! (And we like it.)

Robyn’s Thai Mad Hatters were:

@nicharry – Nic Haralambous, CEO of Motribe

@faerie452 – Faeron Wheeler,  Actress and superstar copywriter

@missismyname – Samantha Kilian, the blushing bride to be

@obox – David Perel, co-founder of Obox and talented racing driver

@garethismyname – Gareth Fletcher, the dashing groom to be

@maribasson – Mari Basson, Strategist to the stars and lover of animal hats

@GrumH – Graham Harding, keen cyclist and resident Thai guru

@Fleabeke – Vibeke Christensen, founder of the twitter teddy drive

@Lady_Bonin – Jess Bonin, Owner of the wonderful Lady Bonin’s Tea Parlour

@jen_wynne – Jen Wynne, creator of amazing hats and the behind-the-scenes star at Human Writes

@Lynne_707 – Lynne Quick, Studying for her PHD and resident wine snob

It all began with a sensual hand washing ceremony and Thai massages from Chew Chew Thai Massages, which helped to calm our hostess’s frayed nerves (no one said being popular was easy). The prizes for the best hats followed: Samantha (@missismyname) won best female hat and Graham (@GrumH) won best male hat. And in true Thai street market style they were given the best in high-end knock-off prizes. Samantha won Barberry earrings and a Dyor necklace, while Graham won a Hugo Boos cologne and a pair of Versase sunglasses.

Robyn went with a varied menu, which was prepared perfectly by our Thai chefs. She started with a chicken satay with peanut sauce (104), duck, chicken and vegetable spring rolls and sweet corn cakes, served with both sweet plum and sweet chilli sauces (113). This was followed by a main course of roast duck in flavoured soya sauce (261), a chicken noodle dish with cashew nuts, spring onion, peppers, onions, fried garlic, and Simply Asia’s famous roasted chilli paste (514), Prawn Phad Thai (602) and exotic yellow noodles (524). And to end it all off – the Thai Angel dessert (911) – a crispy triangle filled with melted chocolate and finely chopped cashew nuts.

They say the perfect end to an Asian meal is a great cup of tea and Robyn made sure to spoil her guests in this regard. Jessica Bonin (@Lady_Bonin) demonstrated the most beautiful Thai tea ceremony. She showed them the unfurling of the snow lotus tea bulb, which produces what is known as the ‘champagne’ of teas, a fitting drink for Robyn’s guests and a great way to end off the evening.

And if you were wondering about the cactus we gave Robyn at the beginning of the campaign, we are very pleased to announce that ‘Harold’ has made it through and he was without a doubt the star guest at Robyn’s banquet!

Robyn is thinking Thai… are you?

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