How to survive Januworry at Simply Asia

January is a time for a fresh new start, as many of us set new eating or exercise regimes into motion, or simply aim to kick off the year on a positive and productive note.

Unfortunately, this can also be a financially bleak month. Not only have most of us spent more than we should have over the holiday season, but the period between December and January pay days stretches over more weeks than usual – creating the need for careful budgeting and belt-tightening.

This is definitely not the time to indulge in luxuries! But if you make some smart spending choices over the next few weeks, you won’t need to give up all the good things in life… especially when it comes to food!

If you are wondering how you’ll make it through the “Januworry Blues” with both your finances and sanity intact, here’s a handy survival tip from Simply Asia:

Rather than eating soup and crackers or beans on toast every single night, treat yourself to the odd budget-friendly takeaway or sit-down meal from Simply Asia’s Fried Rice Menu!

Did you know that our Fried Rice dishes offer excellent value for your money? From as little as R63, you can get a hearty Thai meal that is also packed with flavour and nutritious ingredients. As you’d expect from Simply Asia, all our Fried Rice recipes are crammed full of fresh vegetables, herbs, spices and other nourishing ingredients. This way, you can feed your mind, body and soul on a shoestring budget.
And, for those of you who already live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, as well as those who are planning to go meat-free for January, we have plenty of vegetarian and vegan options available. Simply look out for the V (vegetarian) and VG (vegan) symbols on our menu. All our vegan dishes are fully plant-based and 100% free from animal by-products.

Wondering what to order this January?

Rather than compromising on flavour and nutrition, choose one of these tasty and satisfying Fried Rice meals from Simply Asia:

As you can see, there are many affordable meal options to fight the Januworry Blues at Simply Asia – and they’re all loaded full of high-quality ingredients and flavour.

For price details and more information on our Fried Rice Dishes, visit:

Or simply order your favourite Fried Rice dish via the new Simply Asia app. If you haven’t downloaded our app already, it is available on IOS and Android – so get it now and enjoy a super convenient, queue-free way to order from Simply Asia.

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